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A Locksmith Horror Story

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What can make a day even more bad than having to go to work and when you are ready to go (you have your teeth brushed, read your local newspaper, had your American yummy breakfast) and your car ignition key got jammed? Well I will tell you my locksmith horror story for you to take precautions!

After I realized that my car ignition got jammed, I first tried to fixed by myself because I wanted to get to my job as quickly as possible because  I get paid by commissions and every single minute means  money gained or lost, the ignition key wasn’t turning the lock cylinder so I tried to twist the key a little bit harder and that was the second mistake (the first one was to try to fix it myself without any clear knowledge about I was going to do and how), the key got broken and now I was in a more serious trouble.

At this point I didn’t know what to really do, and didn’t want to expend a lot of money fixing it but I had to go to my work the earliest possible, so I figured out that a cheap locksmiths would be the ideal solution (bad idea), I googled for a local and cheap locksmith the first top 10 locksmiths that I found on google was charging me not a fortune but a considerable amount, I decided to look on further result pages until a find a proclaimed very very cheap locksmith service.

I make the call and they picked-up the phone, they put me on hold for some minutes and then a lady introduce himself and ask me what is the problem and how they can help me, I explained the problem by phone and I got from her an estimated service fee, wow $30 for the work and they promised that the locksmith will be here in 10 minutes, I didn’t doubt to accept the offer, I gave my address and my car model and the lady told me to wait for the locksmith that was very close to my location.

After I hang up the wait started, thirty minutes later I was still waiting for the locksmith, so I decided to give a call to the lady, she said to me that the locksmith was basically on the corner and that in 5 minutes he should be there, thirty more minutes later the locksmith finally arrived to my location.

He start to wiggle the wheel back and forth for some time without any results, after that he finally bring his tools and started to do whatever he was trying to do with the starter ignition switch, I watched him for over an entire hour, and after some minutes later he told that I was ready and that the entire reparation fee was for $300, I literally yell at him “What??” I explained to him that the lady on the phone told that the estimated fee was for $30, then he told me that the estimated fee that the lady give me was that just an estimate, I was pissed off but I couldn’t do anything, so I paid him the money and in a flash he disappeared, well at least now I could go to my work.

So I was ready to go and surprise although the broken key was extracted and everything seems ok, the car doesn’t start! (and yes the duplicated key was ok), I called again to the lady and in some minutes the same locksmith arrives to see what was the problem, he got to the conclusion that the starter ignition switch was broken and it must be fixed, the switch was ok so I know that the locksmith literally broke the starter ignition switch, I called the lady and claimed a reimbursement of my money and a fully reparation of the car ignition switch and surprise they weren’t insured and they refused to pay me my money.

Don’t let this happens to you, always check that your locksmiths is insured, assured and fully bonded, so that you don’t have to experienced this kind of nightmares.

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